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We are pleased to welcome you on Paying Coins Inc, investment fund website managed by Paying Coins Inc.

The forex managed accounts are the service through which a professional trader or a group of professional traders with years of experiences and verified results personally handle the management and trading of your account in exchange for a monthly percentage of the profits (Profit Fee) on the account. It is noteworthy that the trader charges this Profit Fee only when generating profitability, if there is no profit, Profit Fee neither. Similarly there is not any other rate or charge, or Management Fee or anything like this.

On the other hand, although your trading account receives all the operations that the trader or group of traders carried out, they never have access to the funds of the investor, the investor is the only person authorized to transfer, withdraw or deposit more capital to the trading account .

It is for this that we strongly believe that the growth and development of the forex managed accounts market will be significant in year by year including more and more investors around the world to enjoy the results of top world traders through high technology management tools.

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